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Business plan gov uk dart

Etheridge Assessment Report After reassessment of the service the assessment panel have concluded that the Dart Charge service is not yet on track to meet the Digital by Default Service Standard at this stage of development. The project is being delivered for the Highways Agency by a supplier who have experience of several similar road charging schemes in many countries.

Unfortunately the service does not currently meet the Service Standard requirements and will need to make significant changes to the project to be able to satisfy the service standard.

The panel were disappointed that few of the recommendations from the previous assessment have been acted upon and would urge the service to review the previous report and recommendations again.

The user research has validated only parts of the user journey in isolation. There is no detailed plan for further user research. For example, instead of doing the hard work to make things easy for users, the service have front loaded the complexity of the charging scheme into the business plan gov uk dart of the user journey account creation.

The assessment panel were left confused by the 8 different user account options. Each of the 16 points of the service standard that the Dart Charge was re-assessed against is detailed below. Research to develop a deep knowledge of who the service users are and what that means for digital and assisted digital service design.

Since the previous alpha review the service team have conducted guerrilla user research on 22 participants.

The user research tested small parts of the prototype user journey and did not appear to inform or shape the user needs for the service as a whole.

The user research provided some insights into user interface design elements but nothing broader and so is insufficient evidence to pass service standard point 9 see below. There appears to have been no user research with those living locally to the crossing, who appear to be one of the key user groups.

The assessment panel found the experience of using the service as a whole confusing and there was no evidence that users would not face the same difficulties.

Point 2 - Put in place a sustainable multidisciplinary team that can design, build and operate the service, led by a suitably skilled and senior service manager with decision-making responsibility.

business plan gov uk dart

Since the first alpha assessment a service manager has been appointed from the existing Highways Agency team. The role does not appear to be empowered to make decisions about the whole service and it was unclear how much influence the service manager can have within the current processes see point 6 below.

Our comments from the first alpha review remain valid: In particular there was no evidence of a user researcher, a designer or user experience specialist, and no evidence of technical skills within the project team, or available from the Highways Agency. The Highways Agency staff we met showed impressive knowledge of their particular areas of specialism but this must be complemented by additional in-house members of the service team who bring additional skills.

For example, the Highways Agency are currently relying on an external technical consultant to advise them and provide technical oversight.

business plan gov uk dart

The technical oversight of a contractor should ideally be provided by Highways Agency staff and not an additional contractor. Point 6 - Build the service using the agile, iterative and user-centred methods set out in the manual Result: The service is being created within the framework of the contract between the Highways Agency and the supplier.

Nevertheless, we recognise that the service supplier and Highways Agency have made changes to their processes and we would urge them to continue these improvements. We would also urge the team to consider using online collaborative tools in addition to email and telephone communication amongst the team.

There was insufficient evidence of user research informing the features and tasks for the next phase of development. The user research conducted so far has resulted in a number of simple actions to improve user interface elements.

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The lack of resources for this makes this unsustainable. Point 9 - Create a service that is simple and intuitive enough that users succeed first time, unaided Result: After the first alpha review the assessment panel recommended: Instead of making things easy for users, the service has front loaded the complexity of the charging scheme into the user journey for creating an account or paying for a journey.

There is no clear route for a user to understand which of the accounts is right for them, and each account has an entirely separate journey. In addition if a payment method fails or a user is unable to pay at that time, an account is not created and the user loses the personal and vehicle data that they have entered into the service.

This problem is fundamental to the design of the service and can not be mitigated by expecting a user to read guidance content on GOV. Instead, the service must be designed to meet user needs with a simple and intuitive service.

There were no plans to test any assisted digital support, and funding for that support was not identified. Research should confirm which channels of support are required to meet their needs of which telephone support may be just one.

The service team should be able to explain how the needs and numbers of their assisted digital users will be met by the support they plan to put in place. The service team should consider how their assisted digital support would be user tested during the beta.Dart Container Corporation in Mason, MI, is continuing recent campus expansion that has included the addition of a new corporate office facility and warehouse.

The latest $40 million investment includes construction of a new technical and innovation center and expanded machine manufacturing operation. The West of England is one of the UK’s most We will be a driving force for clean and inclusive WECA’s annual business plan for / It will inform our regional response to the Government’s Government to develop this Local Industrial Strategy.

supporting the government in its preparations for the UK’s exit from the European Union and any changes that may follow the Grenfell tragedy. HSE leads the way, but doesn’t act alone.

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