Business writing class houston

Even with the multitude of high-tech communication options available to businesses today, the need for effective writing skills refuses to go out of style. If anything, the sophisticated needs of the present fast-paced market climate have only intensified the need to be able to write with clarity and effectiveness for a variety of situations. From simple email messages and business memos to complex business proposals and detailed letters, your business writing skills have a direct impact on your long-term success. In our one-day Business Writing Skills Seminar, you will learn to convey ideas and information with clarity and precision in memos, letters, reports and other business correspondence.

Business writing class houston

Consumer oriented study of mass communications. Provides overview of media structures, media messages, mass audiences, and impact of media on society. Introduction to Communication Theory Cr. Perspectives in communication theory and process. Fundamentals of Public Speaking Cr.

Beginning theory and practice of informative and persuasive communication. Taught in large lecture and small group format. Theories and research relating to the initiation, growth, and deterioration of interpersonal relationships in contemporary society. Communication Research Methods Cr.

Social science and qualitative research methods in communication: Ability to type 30 words per minute. Cognitive and mechanical skills required to produce news, public relations, and advertising messages that are ethical, clear, concise, complete, compelling, and accurate.

Gathering information from online and traditional sources. Fundamentals of Media Production Cr.

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COMMat least a C in each of the following: Fundamentals of current and emerging production techniques in media industries. Television Production I Cr. COMM and at least a C in each of the following: Television as a medium of influence and expression.

Application of professional video techniques in programming. Emphasis on studio operation.

business writing class houston

Broadcast and Film Writing Cr. Script writing for the broadcast and film media. Introduction to Motion Pictures Cr. Introduction to the art, technology, economics, and social aspects of film. Examination of the nature, contexts, theories, and selected research shaping health care consumers understanding of health communication issues.

Explores the nature of physician-patient interaction focusing on communication skills and advocacy development for both groups across the spectrum of healthcare delivery and examining selected theories.

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E-Health and Telemedicine Cr. COMM or consent of instructor. Examination of how health information is communicated and disseminated through various technologies and delivery channels such as health internet sites, television programming, kiosks, and other elated technology-based materials.Business Writing Seminar: Writing Business Reports and Letters.

Seminar Outline: Even with the multitude of high-tech communication options available to businesses today, the need for effective writing skills refuses to go out of style.

Gotham Writers Workshop is a creative home in New York City and Online where writers develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship. We’ve been teaching creative writing and business writing since At CCLS Houston, we place a premium on Spanish speaking and listening skills, which students will learn through continuous involvement in interactive class activities, while homework activities will be geared towards the improvement of reading and writing skills in Spanish.

Teaching tools include authentic materials such as newspaper and. We offer a placement assessment and introductory, intermediate and advanced courses to improve English-language learning and communication (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) at work.

Become fluent and proficient in English. The mission of UH's Writing Center includes reaching out to the University at large, working with college deans, department chairs, faculty, and their students to identify discipline specific writing needs and then designing, implementing, and assessing solutions.

Want to Write? These Classes and Workshops Will Help You Get Started benefit from this online program from the Houston Public Library system, which offers classes in creative writing, business.

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