Do you believe the media or

People traveling around the world, departures from distant airports, graduations, new haircuts, freshly done manicures, date nights, half empty glasses of wine displayed like trophies of a life well-lived.

Do you believe the media or

September 16, at 9: It is not necessarily always the media who I think are at fault for not reporting the facts, though. It makes for smarter Americans as a whole. Long gone are the days where we all tuned in for the evening news.

I understand the public sentiment however. Politicians that prefer to hide the truth often demonize the mainstream media. Also, some highly biased newspapers and one highly biased channel produce reports that are degrees in the opposite direction of the mainstream.

This can lead to confusion and general skepticism of the entire industry.

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One of our premier humanitarians, Jimmy Carter, makes a statement that is obviously true. Any look at the signs they carry, or a listen to what they say, proves that many at the "tea parties" are blatant racists.

Yet CNN closes the segment with a quote from Mark Williams, tea party organizer, claiming that Carter is making a stupid statement. The placement of the Williams quote at the end of the piece indicates that is the sentiment CNN wants to leave with the viewers. Yer all bought and payed for.

It seems that the news is reported according to the biased opinion of the reporter. It would be refreshing if we could just hear the news as it happens, and then forn our own opinions. A common marxist in the white house, who was created by the media is proof enough for me.

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I enjoy your network, but why am I watching FOX news for this coverage? I despise that channel. The information that the media gives is so one sided and slanted to the views of a certain group. Your job is to just report not give your opinion. We hear a story one day, then something entirely different the following day.

News used to be unbiased AND a fiscal loss leader so boring or not the news was presented. Since news becam a profit maker the "legitamate news" reminds me more of the "rags" sold at the checkout counter.

For example, you all spent weeks covering "death panels" because the hater-quitter someone know for her grasp of current affairs — NOT said it. Hell the Repulicans have favored end-of-life education for years, that is until it was put forward by the cowardly Democrats.Feb 17,  · -- Leading questions ("Do you believe that the mainstream media does not do their due diligence fact-checking before publishing stories on the Trump administration?").

The public’s confidence in the media to report the news objectively is at an all-time low, and that distrust is echoed on the presidential campaign trail. l People believe their preferred. The executive director of the American Press Institute is an author, journalist, and media researcher.

Knowing what you are looking at is the first step to figuring out what you can believe. This process of critical thinking about media is something we all do.

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When you decide what to click on, what to read, and when you lose interest. You say Americans as if every one of us believes the media. That's not true. And why do some believe, because media has developed a sense of authority and a sense of credibility, bringing news to anyone willing to listen.

The press have establi. View Notes - QUESTION 2 from AFE at Griffith. QUESTION 1 - Question Do you believe that the media portray accounting numbers, such as profits, as some sort of hard and objective performance.

The executive director of the American Press Institute is an author, journalist, and media researcher.

Do you believe the media or

@tbr1 You may encounter media today from any number of sources, from traditional news sources to social media to email.

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