Earth 2100

Global Petrofiction Book Club Guides: Accessed 30 Sep Edited NASA visualization of climate change specifically temperature will probably look like by the year When I first finished the book, I had written a response saying my sense of urgency was neither increased or decreased.

Earth 2100

It accomplished this without the mere mention of Peak Oil. How utter bold of ABC to have the likes of Richard Earth 2100, Howard Kunstler, Michael Klare, and never talk about the real threat people in this country will face due to our reliance of the teat of petroleum.

Hmmm maybe someone at ABC is starting to get it? Hey, I could live most of the rest of my life I am 45 and not feel the real problems outlined in this not so gloomy take.

Besides, Most of the problems outlined are going to happen regardless of what we do. I did like the point that if every human on the earth lived the lifestyle of an American it would take 4 Earth like planets. Should we allow others to be like us or should we learn to live like others not so energy reliant.

Unless we just do it any way and damn the 3rd world and their starving working class… Oh I forgot… they are the ones feeding us and making all our stuff.

Anyway I did get a kick out of the show not because it was a bunch of lies, but because it points to the wrong problem.

Earth 2100

I do not deny global warming and I do not wish to enter the arena of its cause, I just wish the main stream media would point to the real problem… contracting energy supplies and it accompanying consequences.

It was pretty good though they put far more emphasis on global warming than on peak oil. They still had jets flying right until the end. About they traveled from San Diego to New York in their car, part of the way with a convoy of cars. That gives you some idea of what they thought about the supply of oil.

In the end the water rises and destroys New York. The population of the world was dropping by millions per year. The power finally went off completely during the last decade.

It was mostly about how to slow down global warming however. And there was lots of advice about solar and wind power. That seemed to be their answer to the energy problem. If anyone else saw it please post your opinion on the show. Google ABC Earth and you will gets lots of links about the show.

Here is just one of them. They are watching out for a warming planet and almost completely unaware of peak oil that is about to bitch slap them right in the face. At the above link there are over readers comments, so far. Some of them very interesting. Many of them highly critical of the opinion that there is any problem at all.

Others thought God would fix everything. This is the BIGGEST piece of propaganda crap I have ever seen, I am sure all the wacko liberal teachers will be asking for a copy to watch in their classrooms to indoctrinate the poor children even more.

If so, they should probably look for a location outside of south-central Florida. Also, ABC has a facebook index that has been up and running since at least last fall.Planet Earth Jan 1, by Alex Iberer.

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You must not know anything about our beloved Earth. the only reason we can support the earth now is because of the Green Revolution/10(). What’s more, the authors of the Copenhagen Diagnosis warn that sea level rise will continue for many centuries after the eventual stabilisation of global temperature (and .

Aug 04,  · Other "stars" of the show include Heidi Cullen, E.O. Wilson, Jared Diamond, Thomas Friedmann, and many much less well-known folks.

The official guide through the 21st century is Lucy, a fictitious girl (represented by a puppet) who was born in (when the movie was shot). Watch full episodes of ABC News Special: Earth and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at The population growth, is causing that every day natural resources demand more, food from the field, the trees, the vegetation is more vulnerable to extiguirse because on this planet ay no birth control, so these affects mother earth.

Man as such is ambitious, wants to have it all because of what it.

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