Executive summary blackberry

Shares also fell about 4.

Executive summary blackberry

Comments This investigative report reveals that: Lazaridis opposed the launch plan for the BlackBerry 10 phones and argued strongly in favour of emphasizing keyboard devices.

Executive summary blackberry

Heins and his executives did not take the advice and launched the touchscreen Z10, with disastrous results Late last year, Research In Motion Ltd. His weapon was the BlackBerry Z10, a slim device with the kind of glass touchscreen that had made Apple Inc.

Story continues below advertisement But one of RIM's directors was frustrated by what he saw, and spoke out, according to one Executive summary blackberry who was in the room.

There is a cultural problem at RIM, he told the group, and the Z10 was a glaring manifestation of it. Minutes earlier, he said, he had spoken with Mr. Heins's newest executive recruits, chief marketing officer Frank Boulben and chief operating officer Kristian Tear.

Tear had dismissively told Mr. Lazaridis that the market for keyboard-equipped mobile phones — RIM's signature offering — was dead. In the board meeting, Mr.

Lazaridis pointed to a BlackBerry with a keyboard. Lazaridis warned his fellow directors. Some Executive summary blackberry them agreed. The boardroom confrontation was a telling moment in the downfall of Research In Motion.

The company is cutting 4, jobs, 40 per cent of its work force, in a desperate bid to bring costs in line with plummeting revenue. An investigation by The Globe and Mail, which included interviews with two dozen past and present company insiders, exposes a series of deep rifts at the executive and boardroom levels.

Those divisions hurt the company's ability to develop products just as it faced its greatest challenge from more nimble and creative rivals — and contributed to the downfall of Canada's biggest technology company. Once a fast-moving innovator that kept two steps ahead of the competition, RIM grew into a stumbling corporation, blinded by its own success and unable to replicate it.

Several years ago, it owned the smartphone world: President Barack Obama was a BlackBerry addict. But after new rivals redefined the market, RIM responded with a string of devices that were late to market, missed the mark with consumers, and opened dangerous fault lines across the organization.

Months before their boardroom showdown, Mr. Lazaridis found themselves in another strategic standoff in which they were pitted against Jim Balsillie, Mr.

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Lazaridis's long-time business partner and co-CEO. Inside RIM, the brash Mr. Balsillie had championed a bold strategy to re-establish the company's place at the forefront of mobile communications. The plan was to push wireless carriers to adopt RIM's popular BlackBerry Messenger BBM instant messaging service as a replacement for their short text messaging system SMS applications — no matter what kind of phone their customers used.

Story continues below advertisement It was a novel plan. But the plan ran into stiff opposition at senior levels. Not long after Mr.

That was it for Mr. Weeks later, he resigned from the board and cut his ties to the company. Balsillie said in a brief statement to The Globe and Mail, his first public comments on his departure.

He declined a request for an interview. Lazaridis, who declined to speak about board matters, resigned as a director this past March after delaying his retirement by a year at the board's request. Now, BlackBerry's future is in doubt.

This week, Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. The offer is conditional, and requires a group of so-far uncommitted institutional investors to back Fairfax and provide financing. Story continues below advertisement The company's near-collapse is a painful situation for Mr. Lazaridis, a gifted engineer who co-founded RIM in a tiny Waterloo office above a bagel shop in Everyone is talking about the most likely scenario being that it will be broken up and sold off for parts.

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