Gouzenko affair thesis

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Gouzenko affair thesis

Gouzenko affair thesis

These men, from the Marquis de Custine to Mr. Paul Winterton, must all, at one time or another, have experienced the frustration of realising the virtual impossibility of conveying an accurate picture of what they have seen, and felt within themselves the growing doubts of the validity of their own impressions, as time separates them from their experiences, and blurs the outlines of memory.

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Since the Great Purges of tothe Soviet Union has been portrayed, at infrequent intervals, on a new kind of ganvas by Russians who have decided, for one reason or another, to desert ;heir country and its regime, and to throw themselves on the mercy of the West.

It is a curious book, its good points marred by the banalities which are fast becoming a standard feature of this kind of literature, and which are probably " required writing " for American and Canadian editors, with an eye on the insatiable trans- atlantic demand for tabloid revelations about the Soviet Union.

We read that " as a rule, the head of the local trade union is an agent of the N. The disjointed story gives a shadowy impression of its author as a pale frightened product of Soviet political regimentation who, but for his intelligent wife, could not conceivably have screwed up his courage to the point of taking the step he did.

The best parts of the book describe the personal relationships within the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa during the latter part of the war, and in particular those of the. Military Attache and his staff. Colonel Zabotin is one of the few figures which stand out with any clarity, a fine type of Russian soldier, doing an unpleasant duty to the best of his ability, whose innate decency made him oblivious to the intrigues of his subordinates against his authority.

Of the deicriptions of life in the Soviet Union, the best is the account of the panic which set in in Moscow as the German advance approached the city in the auramn ofand Gouzenko has some interesting remarks to make about the continuing anti- Semitism of the mass of the Russian people.

The last chapters are largely a repetition of material previously laid before the Canadian Royal Commission which investigated the Gouzenko affair. The book adds little to the total of our knowledge about Soviet Russia, but it serves as a reminder of the tremendous harm which was done to the Soviet foreign intelligence organisation by the defec- tion of one cipher clerk.

No man since Krivitsky has so earned the enmity of the Russian authorities, and it remains to be seen whether the long arm of the M. I, for one, can only hope that the Agitprop section of the All-Russian Central Committee will seize the opportunity provided by the development of this class of literature, bring that incautious humorist Zoshchenko back from disfavour and commission him to write a book, in American, entitled.Gouzenko affair thesis - 12th state board english essays.

Gouzenko affair thesis

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Cross sectional designs. In summary, the common assessment of the Gouzenko affair is one of surprise and shock.

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The reaction of the Western Allies has been characterised as one of surprise, because they had no inkling of what was happening, and of shock, because Stalin was supposed to be an ally with whom they were ‘cooperating’. How the Cold War Began: The Gouzenko Affair and the Hunt for Soviet Spies.

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Gouzenko's allegations were a wake up call for Canada and the rest of the world. The event would cause a chain reaction of anti-Communist sentiments throughout the West. The Gouzenko Affair Essay Sample - Bla Bla Writing Photo provided by Flickr The Gouzenko Affair and the entry of Canada into the UK-USA signals intelligence alliance were the 2 key events of the immediate period after the Second World War.

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