Navitas kaplan case essay

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Navitas kaplan case essay

Two-part Analysis The format for selecting the correct answer choice depends on the type of question.

Navitas kaplan case essay

A Multi-source Reasoning question presents two or three separate tabs of information on the left-hand side of the screen and a question, which requires test-takers to compare, combine, synthesize, or apply this information, on the right—hand side.

The information in the tabs may consist of short text passages, charts, tables, graphs, or a combination of two or more types. Multi-source Reasoning questions can be either standard multiple-choice questions or multiple-dichotomous choice questions.

Multiple-dichotomous choice questions present three statements; students must choose one of two options e. Table Analysis questions present a sortable spreadsheet on the left—hand side of the screen and a single multiple-dichotomous choice question. Test-takers must use the table and the sorting feature, if necessary to select the correct response to each of the three statements.

A Graphics Interpretation question presents a chart or graph on the top half of the screen. The bottom half of the screen consists of two statements about the chart or graph. Each statement contains a blank; test-takers must select the option from a drop-down menu that best completes that statement, and must select the correct answer choice for both blanks in order to receive credit for the question.

A Two-part Analysis question presents a short piece of information e. Test-takers are presented with two criteria. Test-takers must select one answer choice that meets the first criterion and one that meets the second from among the answer choices provided, and must make both selections correctly in order to get credit for the question.

An on-screen calculator is available for the Integrated Reasoning section, but not for any other section of the test.

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The Quantitative Section The Quantitative section measures the ability to reason quantitatively, solve mathematical problems, and interpret data presented visually. Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are tested on this section; trigonometry and calculus are not.

Test-takers have 75 minutes to complete 37 multiple-choice questions, which come from two distinct categories: Problem Solving Data Sufficiency A Problem Solving question presents a mathematical problem and requires test-takers to select the correct solution from among five answer choices.

Each question of this type is followed by two numbered statements, and students must determine whether the two statements provide enough information to answer the question. Because Data Sufficiency questions test the ability to analyze information for content and relevance in addition to general mathematical skill, they require a systematic approach.

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Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions are intermixed throughout the section. Roughly two-thirds of the questions in the Quantitative section will come from the Problem Solving category.

The Verbal Section The Verbal section measures the ability to understand and analyze written material and the ability to recognize and conform to the conventions of standard written English. Test-takers have 75 minutes to answer 41 multiple-choice questions, which come from three distinct categories: Sentence Correction Critical Reasoning Reading Comprehension Although roughly one-third of the questions on the Verbal section will come from each category, questions from all three categories are intermixed.The staff of the Ethics Division developed the following nonauthoritative frequently asked questions and sample case studies to assist members in understanding the “Network and Network Firms” interpretation (AICPA, Professional Standards, ET .

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Navitas kaplan case essay

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