Prison effectiveness essay

Cullen, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Solicitor General Canada. This document is available in French. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to J. Most recently, mandatory minimum sentencing policies have gained widespread popularity throughout the United States, severely limiting judicial discretion in sentencing.

Prison effectiveness essay

The Quakers built the first prison in in order to seclude criminal offenders from society to think about their wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness in a kind, and spiritual environment.

Inciardi Currently, there are three types of prisons within the Federal, State, and County governments. These are categorized by the degree of security they provide. Minimum security prisons, which are also known as county jails, provide minimal supervision.

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These jails are generally used as holding cells for offenders awaiting trial or release. Medium security and maximum security prisons are utilized for the offenders serving a sentenced amount of time for their offenses.

Their levels of security and prison design are more intense than the minimum security prisons. The effectiveness of prisons has decreased due to progressive overcrowding, and the lack of conclusive alternatives.

The need for alternatives has grown immensely over the last decade. Nonetheless, the State and Federal governments are desperate for competent, less expensive solutions. Costs of keeping a prisoner imprisoned vary among states and facilities.

Prison effectiveness essay

Smolowe 56 These costs include basic transportation to and from the prison, infirmaries, kitchens and dining area, power plants used for electricity, sewage disposal, prison schools, labor buildings and locations, and salaries for the staff members.

As the prison costs increase, the chance of layoffs among personnel increases, which would ultimately result in more violence and much less rehabilitation. Holmes 3 These rising costs are another reason alternatives to prison are being pursued. Inthe United States housedtotal inmates in State and Federal prisons.

Holmes 3 Overcrowding occurs when prisoners are forced to share cramped cells with many different prisoners.

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This has always been a problem for prisons and it continues to be a serious, escalating problem. It contributes to brutal prison violence between other prisoners and guards, therefore, lowering the effectiveness of rehabilitation and security within the prison.

According to a Justice Department report released in January"U. Prisons and jails held more than 1, people in midmore than double the number from the mid 's" "Get Tough" Federal and State governments have been searching for successful alternatives to prison because of the severity of overcrowding and costs.

The effectiveness of the available alternatives is competitive to incarceration. Many violent and repeat offenders are released early from prison due to the overcrowding problems. Smolowe 56 It seems more sensible to keep the violent offenders in prison than those criminals convicted for property damage, drugs, and other less serious crimes.

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Population in the prison system and the expenditures would also decrease substantially if these alternatives were implemented more while safeguarding the quality of security in the prisons. The most popular are ISP's Intensive Supervision Programsshock incarceration, electronic monitoring, parole and probation, workhouses, house arrest, and community service.

In earlier years, the government used more severe forms of punishment i. The use of these alternatives is based upon varied evaluations administered to the prisoner, as well as the seriousness of the crime for which the person has been convicted of.

Variations of the Intensive Supervision Programs were accepted and implemented by every state between and Some of the requirements of ISP's are random, and unannounced drug testing, employment, multiple contacts with a supervising officer each week, and participation in a relevant treatment program.

The duration of the program averaged 4. Katel 26 The average curriculum size is to inmates in one. Katel 26 Shock incarceration was originally tried in by Georgia, and then tried in in Oklahoma. Katel 26 By the end ofthere were an estimated 50 programs in use in 30 states, 10 in local jurisdictions, and implemented in the federal corrections system.

Although it is too soon to have concrete results on the success of the program, it proves to be punitive in rigid discipline, and rehabilitative with self- esteem.prison very stressful. The history of correctional officer training in New York will be analyzed, considered, and discussed to see how training has evolved for correctional officers.

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A condemnable strong belief does non needfully intend that persons will be subjected to imprison or prison. In some instances, persons are afforded the chance of go toing a recreation plan.

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Depending on the type of offense and the figure of discourtesies, an person could go to a recreation plan with the permission of a. The Effectiveness Of Art Therapy when Treating Prison Inmates with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Paper details: a discussion Of tne meta-analysis developed as well as discussion Of findings, limitation Of study, recommendation for research, and implication for social work.

Effectiveness of this program can be enhanced if it is carried out in prison and when the prisoners are released. This can be achieved when the government works in partnership with the community to track and monitor released prisoners’ access to community drug treatment facilities (Bailey, ).

A prison’s effectiveness was measured by its success in holding people (Muncie, ). And in the 18th century, though the prison population remained mainly debtors, the rationale behind prison changed to one of punishment rather than containment.

Effectiveness of Prisons | Free Essays -