Should governments ban the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries explain your answer

Political philosophy[ edit ] In her own words[ edit ] In her book It Takes a VillageClinton writes, "Most of us would describe ourselves as 'middle of the road'—liberal in some areas, conservative in others, moderate in most, neither exclusively pro- nor anti-government.

Should governments ban the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries explain your answer

By Dave Jamieson 1. The state measures appear to be modeled on a federal bill introduced in the House of Representatives late last year that Democrats argue could slow the number of call-center jobs that have been heading to India and the Philippines for the past decade.

Lawmakers in Arizona, Florida and New Jersey have all subsequently proposed similar bills. Under the federal legislation, American companies that offshore their call-center jobs would lose their federal loan eligibility for a period of five years. If the law passes, the Department of Labor would maintain a public list of companies that plan to outsource those jobs overseas.

Should governments ban the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries explain your answer

The Communications Workers of America, a union that representscall-center workers and has been aggressively pushing the bills, says that the number of call-center employees in the U.

Many of those half-million jobs no doubt went to India and the Philippines, the two countries with the largest call-center industries. The federal proposal has caught the attention of those governments, with both Indian and Filipino officials suggesting they would dispatch lobbying teams to Washington.

Although lobbying reports on the bill are not available yet, Rep. Similar bills have failed in the past, including a one put forth by Sen.

The CWA claims that in addition to discouraging outsourcing, the bill would protect American consumers. A bill that recently passed the Florida state senate would require that companies with state contracts have their call centers in the U.

A similar bill in New Jersey would bar companies from state tax breaks and subsidies if they send their call center jobs overseas.

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Government outsourcing is proposed at all levels from federal to state, city and town. 7 Examples That Explain Government Outsourcing How Government Outsourcing Has Succeeded and Failed. Share Flip and cuts will continue to occur, not just for the Federal government, but for state and local governments, too.

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