Social problems with phone

When you talk in a bus stand or crossing the road. When you use cell phone while walking through the road, you will not see a vehicle coming close to you. You will not get time to move away from a danger.

Social problems with phone

Problems with Cell Phones in Society Posted on by kvk10 Communication within society has been changing more and more due to technology.


All of the new social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace play a large factor in the way we communicate. The most crucial item that has changed our communication within society is the cell phone.

The cell phone diminishes our face to face contact within society. In the past, where there was no cell phone, face to face communication was the main type of communication known besides letter mail and landline phones. The cell phone takes away from our social life and lets us hide behind words through a text, email, tweet, or instant message.

Affiliation motive is the desire to be near others and have pleasant and affectionate interaction with them. With cell phones around the desire to be near somebody depletes because they can interact with others through a cell phone without being near them.

Certain individuals replace the desire to be near others with interaction in the technological social world. The replacement of the affiliation motive can cause social isolation. Social isolation is simply not being near others.

Social problems with phone

Social isolation and physical separation has been shown to cause physical pain. Cell phones within society are negatively affecting society in many ways. Reducing communication through cell phones and technology will benefit society.

Face to face recognition has a larger and more beneficial impact on individuals in any situation. Learning to communicate with people face to face will help you be more successful in the world. A person who can communicate face to face affectively will get a better job, have more friends, and will know how to handle issues the right way and in end reducing the amount of issues in their life.

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Social problems with phone

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The impact of the mobile phone on young people's social life Campbell, Marilyn A. () The impact of the mobile phone on young people's social life. In Social Change in the 21st Century Conference, 28 October , QUT Carseldine, Brisbane.

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