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According to studies undertaken it is understood that below the frozen exterior of icethere is a sea of liquid water present. The surface of Europa had giant ice domes interrupting its surface. These mysterious domes seem to have formed by splashes of ice from the heart of the frozen crustthat were being pressed up due to the thermal flow from icewhich was warmer underneath.

Srika prathipati essay

Clarke October http: Clarke may be necessary.

Srika prathipati essay

To others, no introduction will suffice. His nonfiction books and essays, meanwhile, have influenced science, particularly astronautics.

They include Interplanetary Flight: Although he is more revered for his role as an author, Clarke has well deserved the title of futurist for his groundbreaking thinking on space exploration. After the war, he earned a first-class degree in mathematics and physics at King's College, London.

He then got involved with the Srika prathipati essay British Interplanetary Society, serving as its chairman from to Inhe published his first book of short stories, The Sentinelwhich includes a story by that name that eventually became the basis of his most well-known effort, the screenplay to the Stanley Kubrick movie A Space Odysseywhich has inspired generations.

SinceClarke has lived in Sri Lanka. What was your reaction when you got the news about Sputnik?

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Although I had been writing and speaking about space travel for years, I still have vivid memories of exactly when I heard the news. I was in Barcelona for the 8th International Astronautical Congress. We had already retired to our hotel rooms after a busy day of presentations by the time the news broke.

I was awakened by reporters seeking an authoritative comment on the Soviet achievement. Our theories and speculations had suddenly become reality!

For the next few days, the Barcelona Congress became the scene of much animated discussion about what the United States could do to regain some of its scientific prestige. While manned spaceflight and Moon landings were widely speculated about, many still harboured doubts about an American lead in space.

One delegate, noticing that there were 23 American and five Soviet papers at the Congress, remarked that while the Americans talked a lot about spaceflight, the Russians just went ahead and did it! In the past 50 years, has the Space Age lived up to your expectations? On the whole, I think we have had remarkable accomplishments during the first 50 years of the Space Age.

Some of us might have preferred things to happen in a different style or time frame, but when our dreams and aspirations are adjusted for reality, there is much we can look back on with satisfaction. For example, in I took a bet that men would be landing on the Moon by Juneand lost only very narrowly.

And in the heady days of Apollo, we seemed to be on the verge of exploring the planets through manned missions. I could be forgiven for failing to anticipate all the distractions of the s that wrecked our optimistic projections—though I did caution that the Solar System could be lost in the paddy fields of Vietnam.

A lot of what was achieved at the beginning of the Space Age—from Sputnik to the first landing on the moon—was spurred on by the rivalry that was the Cold War. Without that competition, do you think the human impetus to reach for space has slowed somewhat?

Launching Sputnik and landing humans on the Moon were all political decisions, not scientific ones, although scientists and engineers played a lead role in implementing those decisions.The “in focus” subjects of the White House website include Budget Management, Economy, Education, Environment, and healthcare, homeland security, Medicare, Iraq, veterans and many more.

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Football as a sport is a craze among many youngsters these days. Football is one of the most famous sports all over America; it is one of the widely viewed sports. Government Sues Apollo Astronaut Over Moon Camera.

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Srika prathipati essay
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