The unusual car accident of my friend

Ideal hydrocarbon unburned fuel level is 10, ppm parts per million.

The unusual car accident of my friend

Wikipedia contains other images and articles that are similarly shocking or udderly amoosing. There are over five million articles in the English Wikipedia.

These are the ones that Wikipedians have identified as being a bit unusual. We should take special care to meet the highest standards of an encyclopedia with these articles lest they make Wikipedia appear idiosyncratic.

If you wish to add articles to this list, the article in question should preferably meet one or more of these criteria: The article is something a reasonable person would not expect to find in a standard encyclopedia. The subject is a highly unusual combination of concepts, such as cosmic lattedeath from laughteretc.


The subject is a notorious hoaxsuch as the Sokal affair or Mary Toft. The subject might be found amusing, though serious. The article is a list or collection of articles or subjects meeting the criteria above.

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This definition is not precise; some articles may still be considered unusual even if they do not fit these guidelines. To keep the list of interest to readers, each entry on this list should be an article on its own not merely a section in a less unusual article and of decent quality, in large meeting Wikipedia's manual of style.

The unusual car accident of my friend

For unusual contributions that are of greater levity, see Wikipedia:Tight spots: Unusual North Jersey accidents and crashes Jared Zoneraich, 17, of Wyckoff, said he was inside his home when he saw his grandmother's car fly into the backyard and crash into the pool.

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What Are My Rights as a Passenger in an Accident? (“liable”) for the injured passenger’s damages. You may be hesitant to sue the driver of the car because he or she is a friend.

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After a person has been in a traffic accident, it is not at all unusual for him or her to be 5/5. O n May 29, , having won his 5,meter race at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, earlier that day, Steve Prefontaine attended a post-race celebration.

The party was at his friend Geoff Hollister’s house, tucked amid the trees in the older, statelier part of . Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription.

Last Update: /08/22 I live in Michigan, where we have a city called Hell. It's rather an odd thing when someone asks you where you live, and you simply reply. The condenser in your air condition system looks a lot like a radiator and is mounted at the front of your vehicle.

It is used to cool the hot compressed refrigerant back to ambient temperature as it comes from your compressor and uses the air your car is traveling through to do that.

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