Today s drivers dangerous habits

Between cell phones, food, and our families, there are numerous things that can take our eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or distract us mentally. Our Charleston auto accident lawyers discuss five of the most common and most dangerous habits of distracted drivers. Smartphones have become a more integral part of our daily lives, and smartphone use behind the wheel has become the poster child for negligent driving.

Today s drivers dangerous habits

Driving is one the daily routines when drivers must concentrate and put all their senses on the road. It does not matter the time or day is picked to drive, but the precautions are taken at that time. To avoid boredness and waste of time drivers have developed several king of dangerous habits when they drive.

Three of these dangerous habits are: Eating, Puting make up and Talking on the cellphone. Eating is the most common dangerous habit for drivers.

Drivers eating habit start very early in the morning when most of the time drivers do not have time to prepare breakfast, then they decide to stop by a fast food place on their way to work. For instance there are parents who has to get ready their children to go to school, so they do not have time to have breakfast at home.

Moreover after they leave their workplace most of them have to go to college or university, so they do not have another option but to stop at another fast food place again to get something to eat; as a consequence many of these drivers get distracted very easilly and they may be envolved in any traffic accident.

Drivers should try to organize themselve and find the time to eat at home or workplace so they can prevent any king of accident while they drive. Puting make up is another dangerous habit which is very exclusive for women.

Today s drivers dangerous habits

Regularly women spend certain amount of time puting make up, so they have to add that extra amount of time to the time they usually use to get ready to go to work or to go to a special occasion. For instance women should start getting ready 30 to 40 minutes before any special event as an average, otherwise women will always end up puting make up in the car and driving at the same time.

Many of today's women drivers are profesional on different king of fields, so they have to dress and look good everyday. For example women who are lawyer, they have to be in courts defending their clients in front of several people and if they do not have time to get ready at home they do it in the car.

Women should add the time they need to make up to the time they need to get ready for any occasion, then they will have no need to make up in the car and they may prevent an accident. Talking on the cellphone is one of the most pupular dangerous habits for drivers.

This habit has had an increasing behavior in the last 10 years, due to the enlargement of technology.

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For instance, there are a lot of small branches from huge telecomunication companies such as Metro PCS where you can get a cellphone with no contract or credit and anytime unlimited minutes; as a result anybody can have a cellphone and be talking on it for hours when they drive.

This dangerous habit is so out of control that as a consequence it has been prohibited to talk on the phone and penalty by a monetary fine. In some places of the country police is fining people for driving and talking on the phone at same time.

People should realize that technology can be dangerous depending on the way it is used. People may have a lot of thins to do in a day since they wake up and they might have a few hour just to do them, however it is not right to think that if they did not get to do them at home or work they can do them while they drive.

Instead of being eating, puting make up and talking on the cellphone, people should put very carefull attention on the road because the safety of many people depend on it. The perfect execution of abilities on the wheel with no interruption or distraction is what it makes a driver.Dangerous Driving Habits Includes Aggressive Driving Aggressive driving behaviors such as tailgating and cutting off other drivers are extremely common in the US.

According to AAA, aggressive driving is a factor in over half of all driving fatalities. Dangerous Driving Habits. Many of Today’s Drivers Have Dangerous Habits The majority of traffic accidents are caused by dangerous driving habits acquired and practiced by drivers.

A recently new dangerous habit is the use of a cell phone while driving. The most dangerous driving habit is driving after consuming alcohol.

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Driver’s education teaches you the basics. What you learn over time creates your habits—both good and bad. I’m not going to lecture you on safe driving skills, but some drivers’ bad habits. Exemplification Essay - Many of Today's Driver have Dangerous Habits Introduction The individual at the steering wheel is not only responsible for the success of .

Using electronics while driving is only one of the dangerous habits that have become all too common for today's drivers. Continue Reading Categories: automotive, business auto, car insurance, driving safety, family safety, prevention, teen drivers | View all Categories.

Instead, it simply lays out some of the most dangerous habits that distract drivers -- habits that you might not even guess to be all that risky. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. So start arming yourself for safer driving by reading the No. 10 habit on our list of .

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