Unemployment of pakistan

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Unemployment of pakistan

Dear Dean Hellman, Ladies and Gentlemen: Thank you for your warm welcome. The way we choose to handle this growing phenomenon will impact all of us.

They can enrich countries economically, socially and culturally, generating unprecedented opportunities for development. There are many stories of successful integration around the world, including in this country.

Yet, looking at recent campaign speeches and referendum and election outcomes, reading the newspapers, watching the news, you may get the impression that international migration is out of control, that governments are feeble Unemployment of pakistan the face of unstoppable movements, and that migrants are threatening the social fabric of many countries.

These concerns are not totally unfounded. International migration through legal channels to OECD countries is at record highs. And the Syrian and Libyan crises have overwhelmed the reception and processing capacity of several European and Middle Eastern countries.

When it comes to migration and refugees, emotions run high on all sides.

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They may have endured great trials, crossing continents, and losing relatives and friends. Nonetheless, many in host countries are quick to view migrants and refugees as a threat, fearing the burden they may impose on taxpayers, local values and cultures.

In this atmosphere, it can be difficult to set out the facts and the evidence needed to inform a balanced public debate. International migration is a fact of life Migration itself is a fact of life. Humans have always moved across communities, states and continents. But numbers are going up and are likely to increase further given large political, demographic and economic imbalances and climate change.

This is over 40 million more migrants to OECD countries than in the year On average, the share of migrants in the OECD population rose from 9.

This increase in legal flows has been overshadowed by the mass inflows of asylum seekers in and the first part of More than two-thirds of these applications were filed in European countries. But these figures do not reveal the full picture. Turkey alone provides temporary protection to more than 2.

Jordan and Lebanon follow with about 1. And asylum seekers and humanitarian migrants represent only a fraction of total migration flows. The vast majority of migrants arriving in OECD countries are seeking to work, study, or reunite with their families.

Unemployment of pakistan

Migration is all too often seen as a threat, not an opportunity Yet this is what we are witnessing more and more. Fears over migration are fuelling populism and mistrust and undermining the capacity of governments to manage flows.

In OECD countries, people think that there are two or three times as many immigrants as there really are! There is a similarly exaggerated perception of how much migrants cost and how much they access social benefits.

Half of Europeans think that refugees are going to take their jobs and social benefits. They are productive members of society who work, set up businesses and have innovative ideas.

Migrants boost the working age population: We need to move the debate from managing threats and costs to seizing opportunities, from one of fears to one of hope. So what should we do?

Our ability to address the current challenge will thus depend crucially on our efforts to reinforce international co-operation on migration issues.

Unemployment of pakistan

Let me highlight three international dimensions in which we falling short: First, we must improve international co-operation on regular migration. Our traditional model, in which employment services screen and place low-skilled workers into factory jobs in the destination country, is no longer effective.

And efforts to mitigate the negative effects of brain drain are rare and mostly ineffective.Contact Information. For information about our operation in South Africa, please contact us through our Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The World Bank Group works in every major area of development. We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face.

Data and research on international migration including migration stocks and flows, immigrants in the labour market, integration and discrimination., Many in host countries are quick to view migrants and refugees as a threat, fearing the burden they may impose on taxpayers, local values and cultures.

In this atmosphere, it can be difficult to set out the facts and the evidence needed to inform. The average mind is plagued with economic difficulties, unemployment, crime and terrorism, and these lower the threshold for the bearing of discomfort According to figures released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, there were at least suicides and attempted suicides in Pakistan only during the first quarter of NSER National Socio-Economic Registry.

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