Welding technology in offshore structur

Construction and Installation of Offshore Oil and gas Production Platform The platform consists of two parts the jacket and the deck. A four legged jacket is fabricated from large rolled steel circular steel sections, welded together and interdispersed with smaller tubular members welded to the main legs using prefabricated nodes. This gives the structure its strength as it tapers from the wide bottom sections to the top smaller section. The deck or topsides contain the hydrocarbons processing equipment are fabricated in square or rectangular pallets which are welded together and plated over.

Welding technology in offshore structur

And speaking of welding careersdid you know that becoming a welder on an offshore drilling rig is one the most exciting and lucrative career opportunities currently available in the welding trade?

The following is a list of the Top Five Reasons why you should become a welder on an offshore drilling rig: Definitely a lot more interesting and exciting than working in a fabrication shop, on a typical construction site, or making your average field repairs. While more and more manufacturing jobs are moving overseas, and as government stimulus funds underwriting many construction, road, and public works projects dry up, job security is a growing issue in the welding trade.

In the offshore drilling industry, however, welders are in higher demand than ever before, making it easier than ever to secure a job, and keep it. If you love to travel, and have desire to see the world—working on a drilling rig may be the perfect job for you.

Welding technology in offshore structur

Your travel options are limitless! In an effort to provide you with a total picture of the offshore rig work experience, the following list outlines some of the potential drawbacks and pitfalls you may encounter while working as a welder on an offshore drilling rig: Oil rig-based welding jobs are not for entry-level welders.

You need at least years of practical manufacturing or construction welding experience to qualify for most drilling platform welding jobs. Strength and Physical Demands: The work tends to be physically demanding, and can be quite dangerous. Mobility, agility and above average physical strength are all a must to succeed in this job.

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Managing Personal and Romantic Relationships: Working on an offshore drilling rig is a job best suited to young, single men. Working on a drilling rig is serious business. Accidents causing severe injury or death, in addition to explosions and fires that can lead to complete destruction of the rig are a real possibility.

But despite the downside, working on an offshore drilling rig represents an excellent welding career opportunity, and the experience gained from the job will make you eminently employable in almost any welding field.

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For additional resources, or to find an offshore drilling rig welding job, visit RigWorker.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING EDUCATION, Journal of the Chemical Engineering Division, American Society for Engineering Education.

The customer agreed that the welding character- water tanks, sea-going vessels, offshore petroleum operations, etc. The type and amount of protection needed is a function of the corroding environ-.

Welding technology in offshore structur

Efforts to integrate construction planning have thus far focused on the interoperability of models and computer applications. However, merely linking different models, e.g. design and schedule, while useful, necessarily restricts planners to an iterative improvement of plans.

Application of hybrid laser-arc welding for joining of large offshore steel foundations Morten Kristiansen, Farhang Farrokihi, Ewa Kristensen, Sigurd Villumsen The structur and properties of the samples produced by selective laser melting of L steel-based metal power.

Construction and Installation of Offshore Oil and gas Production Platform

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